Face Yoga Circle in New Zealand

Face yoga in Gisborne, New Zealand

I am so happy to announce you that I finally found a place to Teach Face Yoga here in New Zealand.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Anaïs, a yoga teacher. I arrived in New Zealand just before COVID, and as a twist of fate, I decided to stay in Aotearoa. I traveled and wandered on the roads of this beautiful country before grounding my feet in the soil of the small town of Gisborne.

I would like to introduce you, in this inaugural blog post, to the practice of Face Yoga that I teach in the form of Face Yoga Circle.

First of all: Welcome to the serene cocoon of Sadhana. Sadhana is the name we decided to give to our Yoga Space at Home. Sadhana Means Routine and the creation of Good Habits, starting with incorporating Face Yoga to your daily life, Maybe ? 🙂

The Face Yoga: A Journey to Natural Beauty

Face Yoga, is gaining popularity for its holistic benefits. Rooted in the ancient wisdom of yoga, Face Yoga combine, meditation, facial stretches, and massages to tone facial muscles, improve blood circulation, and revitalize the skin. It’s a celebration of natural beauty, highlighting the connection between the mind, body, and face. In an era where the pursuit of natural beauty is on the rise, Face Yoga has emerged as a popular trend, captivating the attention of those seeking non-invasive methods to rejuvenate their skin. This holistic approach to skincare is gaining traction for its promise to tone facial muscles, reduce wrinkles, and promote a radiant complexion.

Physical Benefits of Face Yoga

Regular Face Yoga sessions lets say 3 minutes on the morning and 3 on the evening will bring a new tone to your skin. In this practice we are stimulating the facial muscles such as the 3 layers of the skin : the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. Taking this moment for yourself of massaging your skin and your face has a SPA effect, relaxing effect and you can forget the noise of your mind for a few minutes. By investing time in Face Yoga, you are investing in your overall physical well-being.

A Touch of Yin Yoga and Meditation at Sadhana

In addition to being a devoted Face Yoga enthusiast, I am also a great fan of Yin Yoga and meditation. At Sadhana, each Face Yoga session begins with a gentle meditation, inviting everyone to connect with their breath, calm the mind, and prepare to honor their skin from within.

The soothing principles of Yin Yoga are integrated into the practice, allowing participants to delve deeply into the power of Chinese medicine with the acupressure points we have on our face or the Marma points. This synergy between Face Yoga, Acupressure, and meditation creates a comprehensive experience, offering everyone the opportunity to recharge at all levels of their being.

The Art of Self-care through Face Yoga Circles at Sadhana

At Sadhana, our small well-being cocoon, I am delighted to offer Face Yoga circles every two weeks. These intimate gatherings provide more than just a facial yoga session. They are an ode to self-care—a moment where each person can reconnect with themselves in a warm and nurturing atmosphere.

The Face Yoga circles at Sadhana go beyond the physical aspect. They are designed as holistic experiences, combining the benefits of Face Yoga with moments of meditation, sharing, and exploration of inner beauty. It’s an appointment to nourish not only your skin but also your soul.

Inner Beauty through Face Yoga

Beyond the physical benefits, Face Yoga is a gateway to inner beauty. By taking care of your face, you are taking care of your inner self. The breathing and meditation exercises integrated into Face Yoga sessions contribute to calming the mind, strengthening self-confidence, and fostering a deep connection with your inner being.

Conclusion: Nourishing Inner Radiance

Face Yoga at Sadhana is not just a routine; it’s a journey. A journey that honors natural beauty, nourishes the body and mind, and celebrates inner radiance. Join us in our well-being cocoon in Gizzy to discover how Face Yoga can be more than just a physical exercise—it’s a celebration of inner and outer life.

Take a moment for yourself, connect with your breath, and let me guide you through this new journey to a radiance that shines from within.

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Ka kite ano, I hope to see you soon



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