From winemaking to yoga teacher :

The autumn of 2018, surrounded by the picturesque vineyards during the grape harvest season. Little did I know that my adventure in the cellar would lead to a harvest of a different kind – a journey through pain, self-discovery, and the wonderful world of yoga.

The Harvest Strain:

As the grapevines donned their vibrant hues, I found myself wrestling with crates of grapes in the cellar. The strain on my body reached a tipping point, leaving me not only with back pain but with the comical challenge of struggling to put on my pants in the morning. It turned out to be more than just a harvest hiccup – it was sciatica, making even the simplest tasks a painful endeavor.

The Yoga Discovery:

In my quest for relief, I stumbled upon the diverse world of yoga through YouTube videos. Armed with little more than curiosity, I tentatively started incorporating gentle stretches into my daily routine. Not only did these home sessions alleviate the immediate pain, but they also sparked a newfound love for the practice of yoga.

Venturing into Classes:

With my newfound passion, I took a leap of faith and joined local yoga classes. The guidance of experienced instructors not only improved my practice but also added a layer of joy to my healing journey. However, just as life was settling into a flow, the universe had another plot twist in store.

Back to Square One:

Enter the unforeseen curveball – the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertainty of the times weighed on both my mental and physical well-being. Unfortunately, during this period, my back pain made a comeback, threatening to undo the progress I had worked so hard to achieve.

A Shift in Priorities:

Faced with the fragility of life and a newfound appreciation for my health, I decided to pivot. Instead of succumbing to despair, I turned to yoga as a source of strength and resilience. This marked a turning point in my journey, as I delved deeper into the world of body awareness, mindfulness, and holistic health.

Finding Love and Purpose:

Life took a delightful turn when I met my partner in a community that shared a passion for well-being and yoga. His influence became the catalyst for a profound shift in my life and help me to start a new journey. Encouraged by his support and inspired by the positive changes in my life, I decided to embark on a yoga teacher training journey.

Spreading the Yoga Bliss:

Brimming with enthusiasm and armed with my personal journey of healing and growth, I’m now on a mission to share the incredible benefits of yoga with others. As I continue to embrace the transformative power of yoga, my goal is to foster a community of well-being, laughter, and self-discovery.


From the depths of a cellar-induced back injury to the yoga mat, my journey has been nothing short of a revelation. Through pain, laughter, and perseverance, I discovered the incredible capacity of the human body to heal and thrive. Now, as a yoga enthusiast and aspiring teacher, I can’t wait to continue this adventure, spreading the gift of yoga with a friendly smile and an open heart. Yoga is definitely making me a better person and I wand to share this practice with you all.

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