Face Yoga

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Add Face Yoga to Your daily Routine

9 Vidéos + 1 Podcast + Ebook to get you started

Course in English 🇳🇿

If you want to discover the benefits of Face Yoga

& add it to your daily routine

You are at the right place

Who am I ?

I am Anaïs Yoga teacher certified by the Yoga Alliance and Ayurveda coach with a passion for life, nature, colourful food and our inner power.

I specialize in restorative well-being (the one that gives you a second breath). I offer individual coaching and one-off workshops in New Zealand and France, so that together we can find the perfect balance so that you can take full control of your life. I started Face Yoga for my 11 forehead line and I discovered an entire Holistic practice that I want to spread with the world.

All You need to know to add Face Yoga to your Daily Routine is in

this starter Kit.

  1. Learn What is face yoga
  2. The Benefits of Face Yoga
  3. How To start your practice
  4. The difference between using oil or cream when massaging the skin
  5. Exercises to tone, lift and smooth the skin; morning practice, evening practice…
  6. Follow the videos and learn the gestures you need
  7. Create a ritual in your day to meditate and practice Face Yoga 
  8. Build up an external radiance
  9. Discover the incredible power of this holistic Self care practice
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All the essentials to start your Face Yoga Journey are in this Kit.

Enjoy Your Practice

Introduction to Face Yoga

Face yoga is a wonderful way to relax, reconnect with your body and tone your face muscles. Lets get you started and discover this magical practice.


▶️ Introduction ▶️ Benefits ▶️ Oil & Hands 🎧 Lets Get you started 🕉

Divisions of the exercises

Face Yoga Exercises for Specific Face muscles and lines


▶️ Upper Face ▶️ Lower Face ▶️ Tapping & Lifting

Practices for your day

📒 Ebook To download 🕉

If you feel like a solo practice you can download this guide with the exercises we’ve seen together


📒 Face Yoga Journal with exercises